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M anufacturing firm we will focus on B2B and B2C model. B2B model is where the business processes take place between two business firms. B2C model is where the business processes take place between Business firm and Customer. Business Development is needed for Marketing, Sales, Branding and Business presence of the firm. Product management, Client Management, Market Analysis and Advertising are parts of Business Development. Product management contains processes related to logistics and supply chain. Client Management is the communication and relationship between the client and firm. Market Analysis is related to research on the current trend in market, competitors and customer base. Advertising is mostly the methods used for channeling the customer to buy the products and branding. For business development there are two methods: Traditional method and Digital method.


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  • Freelancers , Companies (New startup companies are also
    welcome)for Project.

The cost of actually setting up a business is more than that of e-commerce. Ecommerce requires less manpower in comparison to the offline business.Therefore, we can save on wages, salary of the employee. The business can be operated from anywhere and at any time. There are no geographical restrictions. E-commerce websites can be viewed using laptop or mobile. From an application or website. E-commerce websites are very effective and efficient. They allow the user to determine which product is selling successfully and the stock levels. This helps in monitoring and controlling the sales.

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