Infrastructure Services

What’s needed now is an infrastructure focused on continuous innovation, automation and optimization that enhances companies’ competitive advantage.

IT infrastructure services include round-the-clock monitoring, proactive and emergency troubleshooting, and optimization of servers, databases, applications, development environments, and more. All this you can find with ScienceSoft.

Fully Equipped to Address Major Modern IT Infrastructure Challenges

 proud to be an official partner of AWS and Microsoft Azure. We have proficiency in all major cloud services and can create a winning combo of the advantages that different clouds offer.

 team of 700+ IT professionals has all the needed skills to handle both new and old techs stacks, architectures, and deployment approaches.

Science Soft has  Competent security architects, compliance experts, administrators, analysts, and security testers cover all the duties of a security operations center (SOC).

From round-the-clock monitoring to securing from unforeseen infrastructure failures via architecture adjustments and backing up – we’ll do everything to cost-efficiently maximize the availability of your IT components and their smooth operation.

 key principles is to keep IT costs as reasonable as possible. We can make your IT costs 20-40% lower by rightsizing cloud resources, professional usage of Reserved and Spot instances, and more.

projects are implemented remotely or with minimal onsite presence. We definitely know how to ensure a prompt transition to telework and create secure digital workplaces.

IT Infrastructure Services

We are ready to provide our customers with any set of service components to form an ideal service scope for them.

IT infrastructure consulting

We evaluate your current IT infrastructure, elaborate on and implement a comprehensive IT strategy to keep it fully operable.

IT infrastructure support

We provide professional L1–L3 support of your IT infrastructure or its part: we expertly solve both user issues and problems requiring deep technical knowledge.

IT infrastructure management

We offer a range of IT infrastructure management services from planning and design of your IT infrastructure to its administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and evolution.

Managed infrastructure services

You can fully rely on our self-managed team, or we can join our efforts with your in-house IT team and your third-party providers. Either way, we’ll ensure stable infrastructure performance and security, reduced infrastructure maintenance costs, and proactive issue resolution.

Data center management

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Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) services

We offer VDI services to help you ensure strong protection of corporate data stored in the data center and high productivity of your remote employees due to comfortable and secure work from any device.

Build an ever-ready infrastructure

In today’s digital and cloud-based world, your business performs only as well as your IT infrastructure. It empowers the users and runs the applications that run the business. A platform on which to build exceptional customer and employee experiences.

Yet traditional infrastructures cannot keep pace with accelerated change and compressed transformation. IT infrastructure must modernize. We can help you move away from a capital-intensive, hardware-oriented infrastructure toward a software-defined and intelligent one – ever-ready for any opportunity.

Build ever-ready infrastructure for today—and get ready to unleash your competitiveness tomorrow

The Cloud Continuum is the natural evolution of enterprise IT. It enables reinventing the business through continuous innovation, powered by various types of cloud capabilities. But it’s hard to move forward when you’re spending so much just keeping the lights on. That’s why a modern infrastructure is essential.

When an organization is ready to realize next-level cloud value, it will need to rethink its approach to technology infrastructure, networks, people and workplaces. Those who can find the right balance will realize the cost-saving benefits cloud promises while unlocking new levels of competitiveness and innovation opportunities.