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Our High-end Mobile App Development

We are a renowned and pre-eminent mobile app development company in the USA. We work with the sole aim of meeting the needs of our customers and giving a memorable experience to them. For this, we follow a streamlined process of mobile application development with the right blend of trending technologies backed with strong NDAs for secure application development. Our team of mobile application developers has worked with multiple clients from various industries – including healthcare, education, fitness, food and beverages, etc. This gives them the required skill sets and expertise to understand the needs of every industry and deliver top-notch mobile app development services.

1. Custom Mobile Application Development

Our mobile application developers have years of experience in working with different types of applications and as such can deliver custom mobile applications as well. Whether you are a startup and looking to launch a unique application or a large enterprise wishing to launch an app with unique features – we can take care of both.

2. Android App Development

Android is one of the most popular and major mobile operating systems. A large number of users use Android-based smartphones. We offer full-stack Android app development services to design and develop applications that can be installed on an Android-supported device.

4. Cross-platform Mobile App Development

A cross-platform mobile app is something that can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. We use technologies like React Native and Xamarin to develop advanced cross-platform mobile applications for businesses of all sizes as well as newly launched startups.


3. iOS App Development

Our mobile app developers have developed 1000+ iOS mobile apps that can be installed on iPhone. They have complete knowledge of the native iPad and iPhone development technologies and hence can take care of your iOS mobile app development needs.

5. Mobile UI/UX Development

The design and user experience of your mobile application play a crucial role. An application with a poor design and unresponsive features can ruin your business reputation. We have dedicated UI/UX developers who can deliver breathtaking user interfaces with a seamless user experience.

Your Mobile App Development Agency?

Mobile application development is a comprehensive process – but at Closeloop we offer full-stack mobile application development services from initial idea conception to the final application development to simplify the process for you. Application development, or app development, is the process of planning, designing, creating, testing, and deploying a software application to perform various business operations. It can be done by massive organizations with large teams working on projects or by a single freelance developer. Application development defines the process of how the application is made and generally follows a standard methodology.

There are lots of factors that go into how application development is done. You must consider the size of the project, how specific the requirements are, how much the customer will want to change things, how large the development team is, how experienced the development team is, and the deadline for the project.

Mobile app development technology refers to the various tools, frameworks, components, libraries, and other technologies used to create applications for mobile devices. Examples of mobile devices include smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches. The two most dominant mobile platforms on the market are Android and iOS.


When it comes to developing mobile applications, you have a lot of important design choices to make. You have to take into account the unique features and capabilities of the platform you develop for. You have to cater to the different technical specifications of the devices you plan to develop for.

These specifications can include different screen sizes, different touch-screen gestures, varying levels of performance power, different requirements that apply to the Google Play and iOS App Store, and the amount of support you provide to past, current, and future versions of both Android and iOS.


Fortunately, when you enlist the help of a reputable mobile app development company, they can help give your project a strong sense of direction and set you on the right path to a successful outcome.

They can also define your unique mobile app technology needs, help you decide which operating devices and systems to target, as well as choose the right frameworks to fit your individual needs. Most importantly, they can share with you the relevant examples of past projects they’ve worked on. This will help give you an understanding of their level of skills, knowledge, and experience related to your project.