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Build better software faster. Create and cultivate an effective culture across your organization. Adopt continuous delivery principles with flexibility and adaptability to benefit your employees and customers.

We offer DevOps consulting services to helps businesses automate and streamline their software development processes. Our team of IT experts has over a decade of proven excellence in the field. They offer effective DevOps strategies. It includes capabilities like iterative development and incremental testing, lightweight architecture, on-demand load management, and automated testing techniques.

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DevOps services are offered by our professionals with experience can help improve an organization’s custom software development process and IT operations. It can involve implementing best practices in continuous integration and deployment, automating infrastructure and configuration management, and fostering a culture of communication and collaboration between development and operation teams. Working with a DevOps expert, organizations can deliver software updates reliably, reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

DevOps as a Service is a solution that uses automation, toolchain pipelines, and collaboration to increase output, reduce time to market and improve software quality.

DevOps Software Development Services by Experts

We assess the current state of DevOps, IT infrastructure and application lifecycle capability. Our DevOps development services develop a strategy for re-evaluating habits and procedures. This includes implementing more robust security measures and automating the environment. We use our robust ecosystem, which includes open-source and proprietary technology, during each agile development phase. We work with your key stakeholders and subject matter experts to develop a strategy to help you use complex technologies.

Closeloop offers a range of services and products, such as continuous integration and continuous distribution services, that enable high-quality software to be developed, tested, and distributed in a risk-free environment. Our end-to-end testing services will allow you to launch new apps or software updates faster and more professionally. They cover various devices, browsers, platforms, and technologies. You can hire DevOps to automate testing when maintaining an application or product. This will reduce the time and interdependence of the modules.

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Our primary focus as a DevOps development services provider is cultivating a management culture that enhances overall software configuration through improved collaboration, service, and integration. Our agile and DevOps consultants can help you gain confidence in your software solution. Our DevOps services include the infrastructure, methods, tools, and delivery and maintenance software.


DevOps Consulting

DevOps can be a very technical platform to work with. Our team offers a wide range of consulting services. Our team can help with any problem, whether a migration or a development issue.


Infrastructure Automation

Our expert team of developers guides the automation to ensure a fast and efficient process within the enterprise. We assist in managing complex and evolving working structures with an easy-to-use system.


DevOps Configuration

Closeloop puts the development process first and delivers a bug-free application that is solid, robust, and has advanced configurations. It makes the application more efficient and seamless.


DevOps Maintenance and Support

Our team offers all types of maintenance and support services. This helps maintain the application with no bugs or glitches, allowing the client to use it effectively for a long time.


DevOps Management

We offer CI & CD and a pipeline to support continuous delivery. We handle release management, continuous deployments, replica environments, new server installations, control, and performance optimization.


DevOps Evaluation

We evaluate your DevOps practice, audit your current infrastructure, examine the development pipeline, identify unnecessary tasks, and select the best tools.

DevOps Consulting FAQs Answered

Closeloop offers DevOps consulting services as part of its offering to organizations to assist them with implementing and optimizing DevOps practices. Our team of specialists works directly with each client to assess existing infrastructure, processes, and tools before offering tailored guidance to increase collaboration, automation, and efficiency.

Closeloop’s DevOps consulting services can benefit organizations in multiple ways. By adopting DevOps practices, businesses can achieve faster time-to-market, enhanced quality, increased productivity, and improved customer satisfaction. Our experts assist businesses by helping identify bottlenecks, streamlining workflows, and implementing tools and technologies which facilitate seamless collaboration between development and operations teams.

Closeloop follows an industry-proven method to guarantee the successful implementation of DevOps practices within organizations. Our experts conduct in-depth assessments that map your organization’s current state to desired future state definition, then map a roadmap for implementation and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition and continuous improvement.

Closeloop offers DevOps consulting services to various industries, such as technology, finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and manufacturing. Each industry presents its challenges and requirements – our consultants possess the know-how necessary to tailor DevOps practices according to these specific demands of your field of endeavor

Closeloop DevOps Consulting Services enable organizations to foster an environment of continuous improvement, collaboration, and innovation within their teams. Our experts assist you with implementing automation tools such as cloud technologies or monitoring tools that support faster releases, scalability, or proactive issue detection – this ensures they remain agile in today’s rapidly morphing technology landscape and remain competitively positioned against their competition.