Web Development

What is Web Development

Web development, also known as website development, refers to the tasks associated with creating, building, and maintaining websites and web applications that run online on a browser. It may, however, also include web design, web programming, and database management.

Web development is closely related to the job of designing the features and functionality of apps (web design). The term development is usually reserved for the actual construction of these things (that is to say, the programming of sites).


What Exactly is Web Development?

Web development is closely related to the job of designing the features and functionality of websites and apps (often called “web design”), but the “web development” term is usually reserved for the actual construction and programming of websites and apps.

Think of all the web pages you have used over the years – Web Developers built those sites, making sure they functioned properly and performed in ways that allowed for a great user experience. Web Developers do this by writing lines of code, using a variety of programming languages, which vary depending on the tasks they are performing and the platforms they are working on.

Top-notch Web Development Services

With strong industry experience, Closeloop is the one-stop destination for all your web application development services. From the conception of your idea to its final execution and delivery – we provide full-stack and customized web development services. We use the best-in-class technologies like Laravel, PHP, CakePHP, WordPress, and others to develop the most innovative web applications for your business.

Whether you need to migrate the backend of your legacy web application or build one from scratch, we can help you achieve milestones in the desired time and budget.

Our creative team of website development experts can work with you to help you design and develop beautiful and eye-catchy websites that are sure to attract visitors. From high-performing static websites to user-friendly custom web development solutions and enterprise web solutions, we take care of all your website development needs.

1. Built on the Latest Technology Stack

The right technology stack plays an integral role in building a reliable and high-performing web application. Our team of proficient developers along with UI/UX experts help you pick the right technology for your web application so your users get the best experience.

2. SEO-friendly Website Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become synonymous with online success these days. The better your website ranks – the higher chances it has to be noticed by your potential customers. We follow best SEO practices when designing your website.

3. Responsive Web Development

We offer highly reliable and responsive website development services. A responsive website is a key to maximizing user experience. Our responsive web design ensures that your web application is optimized to be accessed through different types of devices – tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.

4. Business Web Solutions

Want to launch a new business website or revamp an existing one? Create a highly dynamic, high-performing, optimized, and reliable business website with the help of our expert team of web developers and designers.

Result-Oriented & Proven Website Development Process


In this stage, the website is run on different devices to test its functionality and performance.


Requirement Analysis

The first step starts with information and requirements gathering from the client.

Development Process

The main development process starts once we get all the requirements and necessary approvals for the blueprint.


Once the testing is done, the website is ready to launch.


Set up the Digital Footprint of Your Brand

  • Alignment with your vision: Our team works with you to understand your business’s unique vision and requirements as well as answer your queries diligently to give you complete transparency and visibility into the website development process.

  • Planning and consulting: Our team sits with you to craft the complete plan for your website development project – with expert consultation into what’s trending in the market and what your competitors are doing. We understand your business goals and do everything possible to help you achieve them.
  • Quality testing: We take care of the complete testing process. We test your website on multiple devices and in different environments to ensure that it is running smoothly and error-free. All bugs and issues are taken care of until you get the desired outcome..
  • Proven approach: We follow a crystal clear website development process – giving you complete clarity into the process and following best industry practices to ensure secure web application development

In any typical web application, the users can send requests or queries via the internet using the web browser or the mobile application. This request is then forwarded to the desired web application server by the webserver. Depending upon the query, the web application returns the appropriate results.

A web app mostly requires active internet action to work. This means you cannot access a web application without WiFi or a cellular network. A native application on the other hand is designed to be used on a particular platform or device.

While there are many platforms to build web applications, the most popular include:

  • AngularJS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • React.js

We try our best to deliver your project in the shortest time possible. However, it truly depends upon the complexity of the project and client’s expectations.

We offer customized web development solutions for organizations of different sizes. So whether you are a startup with a bootstrapped budget or a large conglomerate, we can offer you the best services that will fit into your budget. To know more, contact our experts now.