At any stage of the product life, from business insight, penetrating the market and to scaling proven business model

We provide industry-specific high-quality technological expertise and purpose-oriented development teams, best-matching tools to manage every specific delivery and seasoned Project Managers to streamline processes.

Fast, reliably, continuously.


Risks management

The higher and more significant the risk is, the earlier the development team should identify it, evaluate and elaborate actions for its minimization.

We decompose the potential risk and its impact, calculate the probabilities, define mitigation and contingency plans and include them in the processes. 

When managed like that, risks in terms of the development process turn into a high priority feature.


Bottlenecks management

We believe that any part of the process or activity that is causing a lot of stress for the team should be faced with the courage of samurai.

The more often the team repeats a “painful” procedure, the faster the practice improves to finally become a common routine. 

We never let these tensive areas exist for too long: we find the root cause and train the team to overcome through practice.

Project planning

We never force reality to fit the project plan. Planning is just a way to create a transparent, accessible and clear snapshot of the project’s current status and future vision so that all stakeholders, as well as the development team, are on the same page.

When reality starts to differ from what was planned, we mitigate the risks, balance the resources, but update the plan in accordance with all the shifts happening and manage the stakeholders’ expectations – we want them to be in sync with the real status.


Product Management

When defining, planning, implementing, and testing any product feature we always keep in mind the initial business challenge the project is aiming to solve and if the feature helps to accomplish the task. We ensure all stakeholders and investors, developers, analysts, QAs and product owners of all teams work in the same paradigm.

If not for the root need, the only other reason for building the feature is assumption testing. In this case, we clearly define success/fail metrics beforehand and make sure stakeholders understand that as in any experiment – the resources may be wasted for a failed try.


Process management

Meritorium’s Project Manager is brave, resourceful, proactive and has an opinion based on experience and curiosity. It is a hard job, but has a rich reward of being the one who leads the genesis – creation of something from nothing.

The core role of a PM is creating and managing the eco-system of processes where all planned activities are executed in controllable and manageable manner resolving business and personal goals of all stakeholders – from the CEO of the client’s company to every developer in the team.

People management

People management is not about bringing every team member to the meeting and making them follow the process procedures they don’t “believe”.

It’s about understanding and analyzing the core personal goals of every team member and finding the way to synchronize the personal and project goals as much as possible.